Another Crab’s Treasure ends opening weekend with 100K units sold

In just under four days, Another Crab’s Treasure has sold 100,000 copies across PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Aggro Crab’s newest title opened last week with 30,000 copies in just under 24 hours. A majority of those sales, according to a reply by the developer, are courtesy of Steam, though it’s currently knocked out of the platform’s top 10 bestsellers list.

“From the bottom of our little hearts, thank you for the best game launch we’ve ever had,” wrote the developer. “Aggro Crab no longer slept on?? New era?!?!”

Player-wise, it’s shored up a little over 4,700 players as an all-time peak, which was hit over the weekend. Thus far, Aggro Crab hasn’t disclosed its player numbers, particularly on Xbox, which had a simultaneous Game Pass Launch.

The new milestone puts Another Crab’s Treasure in a similar spot as LocalThunk’s Balatro. Within a handful of days, the deckbuilding game had sold 250,000 copies across its released platforms.

Beyond fixing the bugs and being active on social media, Aggro Crab is celebrating Crab’s milestone by encouraging players to spread the word. “If you liked the game drop us a review!” it declared. “if you didn’t like it, ignore this entirely!”

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